fn spy_events() -> EventSpy

Creates EventSpy instance which spies on events emitted after its creation.

struct EventSpy {

An event spy structure.

struct Events {
    events: Array<(ContractAddress, Event)>

A wrapper structure on an array of events to handle event filtering.

struct Event {
    keys: Array<felt252>,
    data: Array<felt252>

Raw event format (as seen via the RPC-API), can be used for asserting the emitted events.

Implemented traits


trait EventSpyTrait {
    fn get_events(ref self: EventSpy) -> Events;

Gets all events since the creation of the given EventSpy.


trait EventSpyAssertionsTrait<T, impl TEvent: starknet::Event<T>, impl TDrop: Drop<T>> {
    fn assert_emitted(ref self: EventSpy, events: @Array<(ContractAddress, T)>);
    fn assert_not_emitted(ref self: EventSpy, events: @Array<(ContractAddress, T)>);

Allows to assert the expected events emission (or lack thereof), in the scope of the EventSpy structure.


trait EventsFilterTrait {
    fn emitted_by(self: @Events, contract_address: ContractAddress) -> Events;

Filters events emitted by a given ContractAddress.